Friday, July 26, 2019

Cutting edge material - interior design Assignment

Cutting edge material - interior design - Assignment Example The natural cooling element in sports apparel is among the cutting edge fabric technology of this time. Technical apparel fabrication from the company VIRUS is a good example of such technology. The fabric is used to reduce the skin surface temperatures (Poon, 2014). The fabric becomes the athlete’s friend at high temperatures (Poon, 2014). It can reduce the temperature on the skin by up to 5 degree Celsius (Poon, 2014). It is made my recycled jade shavings and has apparently no negative impact on skin. Cowhide rugs can adorn your walls and floors with elegance. They are fashionable and convenient as they are very easy to clean (Shackelford, 2013). One can put them in libraries, halls, family rooms and just about anywhere. If one spill something on them, the stain be easily cleaned with dry cloth or paper towel (Shackelford, 2013). If the stain is a tough one, use a wet cloth. Sticky and dried up stains can come off easily by brushing them off. Poon, Cassidy. â€Å"VIRUS – Cutting Edge Action Sport Performance Apparel launches in Australia.† LinkedIn. N.p. 2014. Web. 26 August 2014 Renzi, Jen. "Joseph La Pianas Mesmerizing Rugs for Patterson, Flynn & Martin."Architectural Digest. N.p., 2013. Web. 26 Aug. 2014.

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