Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Psychology textbook Essay Example for Free

Psychology textbook Essay I didn’t know that psychology actually had a goal until I read the introduction to Psychology textbook. I am learning a lot of new things on this subject. For instance science of psychology has four main goals and they are as listed, described, predict, understand, and mental process and influence behavior. In my own words here they are. Describing: collecting information from the population by certain targeted people. The prediction goal is self explanatory it’s mostly meant for making assumption or predictions of what will become of your study before you actually know what will happen. The third goal of psychology is Understand, in this area you never really know when the information that you learn will change the next day or even within the next year. Psychology is a continuously growing field and the information that is gathered is only considered as theories and always changes, sometimes without knowledge or notice. Lets move on to influences which in my opinion one of the most used in everyday life . for instance a toddler is encourage to learn how to walk and talk. And a teenager can be pressured into doing things and making choices that they wouldn’t originally have made without the influence from their peers. Influencing people can be good too. For instance you can be influenced by coworkers and supervisors to take an open position that they feel you would get with no problem. Another example is to get the influence to do better than you are currently doing whether it be work, school, or making a better relationship with you family. The Biology and behavior was hard for me to decide what section to write about because there were so many to choose from. I didn’t want to be wrong about this section so I decided to pick the part that stood out the most to me. I am going talk about the Nervous System. It’s a really important part of the body because it helps you maintain consciousness and your behavior. The nervous system has billions of neurons. They are too, a very important part in the body because they do things such as sending messages from one end to the other end of the neuron. They are also called wires. To show why the nervous system is a really important part of the body, I will use the wires in a radio for an example. The wires in the radio are the main connection for it to provide power to send to the wires that go throughout the radio in order to hear the sound and in for it to recognize what needs to be done when certain buttons are pressed. Without the power cord the radio would really have no use. When the power cord is plugged into a power outlet the power cord provides the ability for the radio to produce sound from the speakers. It enables the buttons to work properly so that you can press the play button on the radio and hear the tracks on a CD. The wires also give you the ability to actually hear the music that comes out of the speakers. The next topics I will mention are sensation and perception. First I will mention what sensation is, it allows your brain to connect with the outer part of your body and transfer it to the inside of your body to your brain. For example, touching things with different temperature let’s say you touch or hold ice. If you hold it the ice long enough you may begin to feel a numbing sensation and you may start getting cold or experiencing the chills or goose bumps. Another example would be touching something hot. Due to the high degrees in the object you may experience pain or even have burn marks on your skin. Now lets move on to Perception which n my words mean, getting information and making images of them. There are a few different types of perception for instance â€Å"constancy† this also has different types. But for now we will use size constancy. When you look at the very same object from different angles and distances, it may appear smaller or bigger than it really is. Picture looking at a large building out of a window on an airplane before it takes off of the ground and try watching it until you get in the sky. It will appear to be much smaller than it did when you were viewing it at a closer distance but you know the actual building didn’t get smaller, it was the distance that you were viewing it at that made it look a different size. We all must know that perception is just about the same in everyone and that’s the reason we are able to communicate with each other.

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