Saturday, July 27, 2019

Strategic Choice and Evaluation Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Strategic Choice and Evaluation - Research Paper Example egmenting the customers and identifying the target market and the gap analysis (identify the lacking) are the part of identifying the strategies (Kozami, 2002). B&G Food is a well-known brand all over the United States, and its current position in the market is stable i.e. there is no potential for growth and no possible decline in the market for B&G products. There is a need for urgent actions in order to increase the opportunities to expand and also grasp the market share. B&G being a very old company in the market, and it has the potential to grasp the most of the market share. B&G Foods is lacking with some of its core plans that need to be amended and reconsidered. For example, their Promotional and Marketing Strategies are not well designed and implemented. The need of establishing new products and service outlets is essential. Moreover, hiring skilled and specialized workforce and conducting training and development programs for employees are essential. B&G Foods can also expand its product line to attract new customers. B&G Foods has to maintain a proper Promotional and Marketing strategy. The potential consumers would get to know the products and services through the promotions, and the overall sales could be raised. The mediums that can be utilized by B&G Foods can be the online advertisement, TV commercials, newspapers ads, promoting the products and services through billboards, etc. Once the strategies are being followed, the core part is to monitor them and evaluate the outcomes. It will help better in implementation, and the feedback of the consumers can also be gathered regarding the particular strategy. There is a need of hiring skillful management. The process of the recruitment must be strict, and the best candidates must be selected for the Job. The skilled workforce for marketing and promotional strategies will help handle the work effectively and efficiently. The other benefit of hiring an expert workforce is that the new and attractive

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