Friday, August 9, 2019

Ethical Decisions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Ethical Decisions - Essay Example Transparency is necessary in a business decision making process. It is obvious that most decisions made have undesirable effects on some workers. However, transparency helps reduce instances of employees being treated unfairly by their bosses. Therefore, transparency is a core ethical aspect in the decision making process. In addition, there are consequences resulting from various decisions made in a business. These decisions may affect various workers negatively. Therefore, it is wise and ethical for managers to identify the effects, which are likely to occur from various decisions made. The effects of these decisions should be clear before the decision is made. This helps the employees prepare for the repercussions which are likely to occur. Further, every business decision should be achieved fairly. Fairness is tremendously vital in decision making because it creates confidence among workers. Each employee working for a particular firm should be treated equally and fairly. Fairness creates a business environment where employees believe every decision made in the company is targeted for a common good. Transparency and fairness are a vital business code of ethics that enable the company to build a strong employer-worker relationship. For instance, I was working as the head secretary for a local restaurant where I would make most of the decisions. The restaurant had many dedicated workers who made it easy to work with them. However, the company faced tough economic times, and I was ordered to fire some of the workers. It was hard to choose the best workers. Therefore, I called a meeting, and I discussed the matter with the employees (Dubbink, Liederkerke, & Luijk, 2010). We decided to use facts in order to reach an agreement on which workers I would fire and which ones I would keep. After examining the role played by each worker, I finally fired those who played minor roles. In

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