Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Development study Research Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Development study - Research Proposal Example While a vast body of research shows that the internal mismanagement and lack of governance in the recipient nations usually results in non-effective use of aid and a stagnation of long term sustainable growth for these countries, it is also true that in certain cases this aid has been the savior of many maligned and under privileged groups. The ongoing Ebola crisis has been well-publicized by the world media and by the international agencies working hard with the local governments to contain the spread of the virus. It is yet unknown for how long the crises will last or how many people will be ultimately effected in both personal and social contexts but enough economic changes have occurred in the aftermath effects of such a widespread disaster that trends of economic growth, stability and aid distribution can be studied in detail as a quantitative research. The longitudinal study will gather data on the most pertinent economic indicators for the region targeted and compare the pre-Ebola and post-Ebola crises conditions and discuss severe alterations in the pattern and future forecasts. I believe the Masters course in this subject will allow me to strengthen my own foundations about developmental theories and allow me to develop the proposed research up to rigorous academic standards. The world around is changing in a myriad of way and this degree assists academics to understand how the various economic, social, developmental and natural factors interact to effect the different groups of the world. I would like to contribute to this growing and important body of study. Worstall, T., (2014). The Economic Effects Of Ebola On West Africa; Its Because Of The Way The Economies Are Structured. Forbes, economic and Finance. Available at:

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