Thursday, September 12, 2019

Nursing care plan ( NCP ) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Nursing care plan ( NCP ) - Essay Example She has been recently widowed and is living with her daughter’s family. She has hypertension and has been taking maintenance medications to manage her blood pressure. She also has gouty arthritis and is taking diuretics and pain relievers to manage it. The symptoms of her disease include the dyspnea. This dyspnea is causing a reduction in her exercise tolerance, thus also reducing her activities of daily living. Her cough is productive with increased production of sputum. She also has wheezing and chest congestion. Based on her medical history with the disease, she remembers that she has had incidents of persistent coughing during her childhood years, including other common childhood diseases. She remembers that she has had childhood asthma during her school age years, as well as several incidents of bronchitis when she was in her teens and during her early adult life. Her husband was a smoker so she was exposed to second hand smoke for thirty years being married. Second-hand smoke often contributed to her persistent coughing in her adult and her late adult life. In reviewing her environment, she has been a housewife most of her life, except for ten years when she worked as a clerk in a stock broker firm. Her family has lived in an area which is near an asbestos plant which often emits toxic fumes into the air, and which often dumps dust and other wastes in the outskirts of their neighborhood. This plant has been contributory to various respiratory health issues because from the time the plant was built, the incidents of COPD have increased in the area, and some incidents of lung cancer have registered at rates higher than the rest of the general population. Her cough has persistently caused her difficulties in breathing; it has also caused her problems with sleeping as she would often have coughing bouts at night. Her cough is also productive, especially in the morning. Labored breathing is mostly apparent during

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